Voice Crystal - Korg M1 Sounds

VC1 VC2 VC3 VC4 VC5 00 SblimPiano Alley Walk Shackles VeloSphere Air Guitar 01 Happy Pad\ Jo t'aime RoyalHorns KaChank Blue Turtle 02 MorningSun FilterDrum OBXa Brass LonelySOlo ChoirBurst 03 HrnWindDuo SpaceRain2 sPANNERs Sun Swell DevilBells 04 Holy Organ Slap Brass Simulated Horizons Dramatize 05 DigitalOrch Crying Flt Techno Sax PremScapll Equinox 06 DreamScape Dgtl & Alog PPG 2.3 FencedNuns Heaven 88 07 PercString NOISE TD 2 SynthClrnt zdraWKcaB Iconoclast 08 RubberBass Ice Caves Effective Choir Hit Juno Brass 09 DMZone Pipe Pad ConcertGtr People Lost Boy 10 NeptuPhone TimeMachine GodzOfLove Be Free Low Techno 11 HonkyTonk Flange Aah NuAgeGuitr Hold Raid LunarDream 12 The Ceremony BlowitHard ChaseBells AlphaDream MagicGardn 13 Power Sax D=Saw2 Q'Bass StringPipe NyloMello 14 Rock Organ UnGumby Mono/Poly 808KiKBass Oz Land 15 PunchBrass Bugle Rezo Brass Gliss Pad Pluxitan 16 FantsyLand SnapCr'Pop Z-1 Bass Computers Touchstone 17 Tah Dahh Rhodes Jupiter 8 P P G 14 Tubo Choir 18 Square Bass Glass Stgs Steel Mill Short Bell Warm Stabs 19 TangrDream Echo Choir Mooola ThickRubbr Wind Isles 20 XyloBells SlowString Shsh Bass Crunch Bass Accent Bas 21 Fantazia ZeZeneZeZ OrganBlast Spectralth Alpha Vibe 22 TheMeeting FrightNight Super Fast PsychoBrass Bak To Bak 23 ClockTower DigtalLead Eye Talk Spits Bruford 24 RockOrgan2 Nightfall BluSaphir 8/5th/90 FinalChord 25 DistMachin Fat Bass Moog Lead Slap Saw TunedDrums 26 SloSqur5th Wave Bass ISeeTriton 3dWorldSyn Flaustein 27 PyscoStrgs Telegraph Akai AX80 Aqua Piano Industrial 28 CquensBass Neon Pad T.V. Snow She Click Klavey 29 Hold Drone Soft Cell PercSynth VOIDNoise Kut Thru 30 LapsfReasn Triangles TakeASolo BrainTrust Syntauri 31 PlayrPiano Pluck Bass SynthBell Piano Hit Modern Art 32 FuturSynth String Pad GreatVibez NitricAcid Modern Art2 33 BritePiano Mallotz SynthChoir SunNOShine NewAgeEast 34 The Sultan AppleSauce 5th Balst ThinkAgain poke Bass 35 SynthDrums Tube Amp AntiCyber Nazareth Tubey Baby 36 Grand Renaisance QuickDrum Mind Trip Ugana 37 Clavinet FLUGELSAX HonknTonk Intoxicate Vox Alloy 38 F M Tines Shanghai Baby M1 GlidoMatic Wood Elves 39 Electrines Tomita 1 Funk MartinGtr Wooden Toy 40 B-3 Water Brass V/S CentraFuge EvryFisher 41 COOLJAZZ O Hall Piano StringTrem Bambooster Background 42 Baroque Ps TheProphet Sax 5thAve WaveVsWave ChoirSwell 43 Theater Ps Brasswell Texture A1 There Here CinemaEast 44 Harpsicord Orchattack Adventure Complexxor CinemaSolo 45 P~~~Drums HourAtHand Ghosts Lfo Repeatr CinemaWest 46 Bondz Bass M1 demhill Soulful X Wanted Digi Mood 47 Synth Bass ANOLOG...2 Metal Pad DrAino Camelot 48 ClassicGtr SynthPower Early Greek House Hop Glass Pad 49 Acous Gtr Xylotone Eastern K Chaotone6 Grain Pad 50 ArcoString Mallet Pad S A W z Introviron lush 51 SoloString WaveTable9 70s B3 RudyLtFoot Lush 2 52 HoeDown BellString Ambient HC1 Bath Ocean Pad 53 Solo&Choir Winterkeys HMD B3 M1 Sampled OceanNight 54 DARK AGES GTRs Hmnix BriteString Loud Metal Sausolito 55 Vocalwash Jazsh I O N Water Orgn Sausolito2 56 Digivoice Centic Hrp Clavicord Tumblero Methusia 57 Fairyland DigitalHRP Percussion Mood Pad SlowChords 58 Cascade Analog 3 Belltime KublaKahn StringyPad 59 Synth Vox DigiOrch 3 Magnetic WhtSaphire Ultra Pad 60 Breath GrandPipes Wind Hmnix Hydrogen VitalOrgan 61 Jamba Tomitasong Colliopi Soft Pop VitalOrg 2 62 NuAge Atmostring Dry Strings Fire inlnice Hard Organ 63 Matheny I.Sojourn Stage Band FiberOptic Perc Organ 64 MoodFlute Tea Chimes Air Pipes MZone 454 Perc Organ2 65 Xlosynth Vocal keys Reflection Horn Bits My Oh My 66 NewageWash Rhodes Piano G.Ensemble Stab-n-Jab SynthBrass 67 Brass Orch Tine Piano Soft Horns Red Farm SynthStab1 68 Fanfare Vangeles ViolaCello PocketCoin PianoRock 69 BrassBells Vocalbells Karimbil SongGarden Soft Blow 70 Taj Mahall Boys Choir Bad Brass GotaBFunky PopFlute 71 Clarinet Krystal Ping Vox Pleasure Pressure? 72 Reeds Dreamstate Spirits Jam On Me Afterglow 73 ANCIENT Whistleorn JX Bass Big SawPad Rock Storm 74 Pianvoice Koto\voice Pizzacato OnMt.Fujiy Symfoniak 75 ANGELIC FM Organ Fairlight Poly Synth newAgeSolo 76 Peacefull DigiOrch 2 Clav Cats Warning MetalSynth 77 SaxSection Tuba Bells Cathedron And Then MirageLike 78 Studio 1 The Shrine Lotus SpellBinder Mr. Mann 79 Jazzz V S Bells Loon Dive? Trekkie Vox 80 Mount Fuji Jazz Vibes Synthony Entrovirox CrystalBlu 81 China Square Pad Whistler Chip Wars P.P.G. 82 Asian M-1 Synclavith Wagners M1 Oxygen Diginoto 83 Yen DigiOrch 4 Film Wash Visions Funtasio 84 Africaimba Vocorder Mist ph=f Golden Age 85 Trinidad O B Horn S X Bell Maker Heidenberg 86 Oberheim X Brassorgan Dawn o Man Skyscraprs KingString 87 KLASSIK Glass V Ks Antiquitos Soft Pluck NeverLand 88 M1minimoog Bell Tower OverD Clay Shangrila Abraxus 89 HammerLead India Raga Ambie B3 BlowMeDown Pretti-fie 90 Tomitabell FM ENSEMBLE Air Organ BigRdStuts Revelation 91 SYNTHOS J Bass Little One Paris 3am Shadezin 92 "FAT" Bass Solo Piano The Clue SilverNeon 93 Digiflange Vocal Bass Ensemble 1 Inner City SoulSearch 94 KARLOS 1 Vocos Rejoice 2ulaMaLive SquareComp 95 Echo Bells ChinaDawn The Island What? Sylestia 96 EXPANSE Bottlesolo Scarloti Back Lash Synklavio 97 3 D Space FM Air Modular M1 SteelPluck Tao Sing 98 Mystering Airing Scottz Basements Virgo 99 Underwater Air-Vocal Saxosynth Sad Eyes Willow

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