Voice Crystal - Korg O1/WFD Sounds

		   VC1				   VC2				   VC3				   VC4

1 	Underworld	Genesis		Deep Down	Movie Time	Emissions	Poly Synth	WormholeFX	OmniPotent
2 	TundraDrum	AquaticStr	ScaryChoir	Warm-up		RaveAttack	RealFiltr?	HopkinsBel	BigBndStab
3 	SoloTrumpt	HerMajesty	SeaOfSinDM	Wonderful	Rez Seq		T I M E		JawStrings	ZeusFantsy
4 	FishboneBs	EasterIlnd	Bounced Air	Flang-olin	Kwack Bass	Voodoo Syn	Touch EP	Hal'sBrain
5 	TheOl'Bone	Leviticus	Mr. Softy	Adventures	Electrum	Hands Up!	DX+Acoustc	R&BBassPno
6 	Maestro		Broadway	..S.O.S...	Chicago<[>Y]	Slam Perc	LifeInACan	VelSynBas2	TheCreture
7 	Insect Jazz	E-MuIsland	Soft Clav	Moog Bass	Raw Slam	Point A		Basstalic	Psycodelic
8 	OdysseyARP	Venus Jazz	StarryEyed	PPG Lead	RaveHit		Compromise	LogDrmLead	PercusLead
9 	Safe Sax	BigBandEra	DepecheBaz	OrchestraY	Q-Rise		Responsive	AnalogHorn	OrchVelBel
10 	YKlingonsY	Old Genie	AnalgChoir	ChicagoPad	Pain Hit	Slam Buz	SeriousStr	SynthLead1
11 	CowboyGtar	Buckingham	Blue Skies	StereoOboe	TechnoDist	Analog Dly	'Ol Jonah	Pluck It
12 	ConcertKit	TinselTown	MeanString	The Lullaby	Psycho		Industrial	AnalgBrass	MajorSynth
13 	PickN&Grin	OldChicago	EurythBass	Super Pad	Accessing	MelloDrama	EarthQuake	Pluck Pad
14 	Choir F.X.	ARPReplica	Moog Me...	Lead Sax	Digitron	Tribal Chr	Sync EPno	Catherdral
15 	HoverCraft	Sea Scape	Stage Sax	St Syn Str	Windham	Bits	Eternal		KLF		Vel Stack
16 	MovieScore	AudityEcho	Waldorf		SweetBliss	BlisterSyn	Reflection	HollowBody	ClvKalimba
17 	Good Vibes	SolidHorns	AnalogComp	The Funeral	ChantLoop	James'Land	VeloGuitar	VelSw QKit
18 	Piano Pad	BufaloRoam	HardKorKit	SeaBreeze	M-1 Seq		Synthetic	Clav & B3	Armagedon
19 	Yo Homeboy	Jupiter X	Clarinet Y	Folk/Songs	Q-Tip		RhythemCmp	Second KIT	OrchEnding
20 	CrystalHrp	Cow-Poke	French Horn	Air Blast	Control 	CInside CPU	WS Zapper	ThickBrass
21 	The Bass-X	Buchula	K1200 	Chicago EP	House Vox	PPG 8Voice	SynthPluck	VlStabBras	Robosax
22 	Synthony	A New Dawn	Spring Pno	Tension		SlamStab	Vox Anvil	DX+B3Hpkns	Orch Stab
23 	Sanctuary	Klondike	Bells Toll	Mallets		NonPCM		HornHouses	Ghostown	HybridSynt
24 	Sir Duke	Mr.Sandman	KawaiPiano	SpookyTime	PPG Ring	Alpha Con	VelSynBas2	SynthDelay
25 	For Shady	HammndEggs	Hammander	Smooth Pno	AlphaTauri	Suspense	HopkinsKit	SyncSynth
26 	Synth Reed	Psalms 12	Stevie!!!!	Legendary	Rave Bass	PencilBass	StabBrass1	Wurly Bass
27 	Chick's EP	PianoChoir	TrombonesY	FunkySynth	TechnoBass	SmellATree	PansForest	FatSynBass
28 	CountBasie	SoundCzech	Juno Synth	Fat K1200	Pulsar		Blk Forest	BellVortex	Slap Pad
29 	BridalSong	V S Organ	House Bass	The Loving	GatedPipe	NowhereHit	MeloVelStr	BlackHole
30 	BassHrmnik	CyberSplit	Sub-Woofer	Power Hit	Analog Seq	Matrix DX	Vel Trombn	ArabianNit
31 	2001 Drums	Organic01W	JazzGuitar	KoolString	WarmMWBel	X Kit		FlyBasses	Ascention
32 	Funkadelic	K-5 Brass!	Dixie Trp	Mutations	Filter		ZapHouse Comp	FatAnalog!	Bass&Synth
33 	01WRebirth	Jazz Club	WarmString	The Ballad	Hammer On	6OSC Power	PWMinSpace	DistGtrPad
34 	Depechish	Metropolis	Soundtrack	Classic EP	Mute House	Accent		CairoNight	GreatCaesr
35 	Muted Sect	Conductor	String Pad	OneFinger	Slam Hit	House Kit	MrBig'sPad	PhaseModul
36 	Vector EP	ThickPiano	Chalky EP	HairyPiano	Profile		Digital		VeloChiff	Film Score
37 	CarnivalPn	Evil Winds	KickinKit	StereoDrms	Fast Spike	Two Tier	ForbidnCty	LastEmpror
38 	SmoothBass	Old Glory	AnaSynLead	Stereo Gtr	RezStrings	For One		SynClavLH	MrVeloPluk
39 	PsudoOrgan	HeavyHorns	Orch Blast	OmniMaxPad	Gate Hit	Pulse Wave	SwtoothPad	Synth Baby
40 	O1/W Quark	Melo&Moody	Moog Bass	Fat Bass	Thurst		SineWaves	OrcPercPad	DX Analog
41 	Strativari	Sun Spots	PPG Sine 1	Emotional	Casual		Continuum	HoldMeBell	SpaceBrass
42 	NA Chamber	BrassCombo	StayTheNit	90's Comp	Slam Tick	CyberScape	SuperTimps	StrWoodwnd
43 	Curiosity	Day Break	Noise+++++	Night Epic	MatrixBass2 	Rings		PadInMoshn	NewAgDream
44 	Belle Aire	Orca Split	SoftString	Vox D-50	HammerPots	Disturbed	Promethius	BellPadFX
45 	PsudoBrass	Aqua-Piano	OldyRhodes	Dance Mix	SharpStick	HorrorFlik	DX Heaven	KybdDelite
46 	Sequential	Trapeze		DepechMode	Piano Pad	Rave 		PercDrain Pipe	Mt.Olympus	DXPno+Bell
47 	Baritone	Disney EP	<[>TRON]YYY	Piano Pad	Technorgan	Unison 7	SwampThing	MIDI Stack
48 	HailZamfir	BrainSalad	Laser Beam	D-50 Brass	Deep Box	Metal Hit	Super Sax	VelSynBas2
49 	Sweet Reed	Wakemanish	Mike&Mechs	Whale Funk	Saw Brass	SoundTrack	RoundWound	ShimrGitar
50 	Speck Drum	DorsyHorns	Loves Pad	ChamberMus	PlsticPerc	FarAwayLnd	PercPanFlt	FunkSynBas
51 	Cybergenik	Spielberg	Vox Lead	HornedToad	ThrobHit	RaveDriver	SynthPad  1	EyesofIsis
52 	Analog Toy	BrassSect.	D-50 Pad	Velo Orch	GammaDecay	ChromaLead	PercSynth1	TouchEpno
53 	Velo Harp	01/WBeauty	Nite Sax	Orch Pit	Classic VCO	Synth Bow	SoloViolin	2001 Brass
54 	Requiem		Innocence	Strat Funk	FlangeCity	Orgel		A Side		S/H City	DigitalPWM
55 	Analogic	D-50Stream	The Gospel	TheClouds	Gamogenesis	Soft Lead	FltrSwpPad	Atlantis
56 	Wonderland	Saltzberg	Solo Cello	Winwood 	ORHouse Box	TempleSong	Sweepn'Syn	CriterLead
57 	DX Type EP	ChamberPad	Outer Time	Vai Solo	LongPad		Atmos		InnerSpace	Guru Choir
58 	Attitude EP	Funkin' A	Matrix 12	Dance Away	Techno Wet	B Side		DX+Bell		VeloPanFlt
59 	Funky Bass	Waldorf MW	King Gong	Voxy 		MamaHouseOrgan	PPG Waves	AnaStrgPad	SyntDeFunk
60 	LushAnalog	Inspiring	*Marcato*Y	D-50 		AnalogWurly 	Sine		IC Love		Brass Ensm	
61 	MoogSource	Bass & EP	Latin Gtr	Bass Combo	Grinder		Nasty One	Hendrix FX	StreoSynth
62 	Sir Miles	Catskills	Chicago 17	DM Layer	SynWhistle	AfterDeath	Andromeda	ClavB3&Pno
63 	AnguishPad	Hand Craft	Oberheim Y	EyesHaveIt	Pan Seq		Slam Hit	Fall&Rise	SpacVacuum
64 	BattleHymn	Vienna Pad	Swept Away	Analog PadY	Indo Perc	Unknown		ShimrnPluk	Sunrise
65	AngelWings	Relax Pad	Fretting	Pure Funk	CyberCon	MIDIStackd	FunkSlapBS	DX7Hammond
66	Satchamoe	Zimmerman	Violinist	MellowClav	Tech Drums	Hammers		ClosEncntr	PaningFear
67	Unique EP	APRWarDnce	Flange Ho!	Haunting	Xpresslog	OctGateHit	AttakSweep	Caverns
68	Tibetan		Unusual O1	The Opera	Analog Lead	Snap Piano	OurVersion	HarpsiClav	ERSynLead
69	Passion		NewAgeSplit	Midi Oboe	Marcato 	STAnguish	Club Bells	Veloc Bell	VeloctyRis
70	SweetStrat	DyingBreth	Chicago 18	Fat Pads	Vox Seq		Vector Syn	Space Monk	Bell  Choir
71	The Sahara	Bss&Enigma	Steve Vai	TheSpector	DModeWave	Multi Moog	Notre Dame	DigitalEP
72	Obie Twack	High Noon	Orch Pizz	Its Chalky	Soviet		Fractel V	VeloSynth3	VelZapBass
73	BedOfNails	Super Nova	I'm Alive	Big Sweeps	PPG Wave	NightCalls	Choir LH	Choir&Strgs
74	Cave Dance	Bass&Trump	Whale Gtr	Searcher	Beta Seq	Pop Defect	THX2000		SuperSynBs
75	In2ThinAir	IceSkating	Lullaby Pad	SaxFullOf$	Mr.Rodgers	Stab 3		SloRezDecy	RoyalBrass
76	Tropical	SaintPeter	Roland MKS	Big String	Say Bass	CrackerJax	SlowPhazer	AnalogStab
77	10 Fathoms	Soundtrack	In Horror	Indy Jones	VS Dij		Gamogens	Orch Rise	FM Heaven
78	Aggressive	Bass&Obie8	Blast O Air	2BUsed		SlowMetalCages	Big Box		Offering	Odysseus
79	Carnegie	HeatingPad	Beat Box	LeadGuitar	Eye Beam	Exclamatry	Phazer Pad	Tokyo
80	01Fretless	Poly-800	Nylon Gtr	Its Bouncy	Blotitar	Film Chord	DigitlBell	Tranquil
81	Stevieland	SeaOfFaces	Dirty B-3	Analog Lead	HeavyAnvil	Undrground	SynthGtrLH	FlangeCity
82	Sad Cello	Bss&Zamfir	Brassy		WarpedBell	Bete		Gamma Hit	Little 15	ModularSyn
83	Analytical	Flashback	Love Scene	Scenery		RaveAttak5	Lucid		SliderQ  EP	Asylum
84	Daliposon	WaitlesTpt	GatedDrums	Doobies		PhaseSweep	Eye Spy		DX&AnSynth	SyntMuscle
85	Incoming!!	Sun Belt	BritePiano	My Hammond	StatikI 	Wish		VelSynBass	Chaos
86	Microwaves	Bass&Organ	The Vatican	Roman Horn	FistSeq		Mind 101	IndstryHit	OrchString
87	The BigTop	242 Twack!	Icy Pads	Dance Bass	Pole Hit	Hi Profile	SqurWvPad	SteroPhas
88	Frying Pan	MoreDisks	Juno Noise	1 Key Low	Indo Kit	Vel Q		SynBell 2	SynthBow
89	Frolicking	Velo E.P.	Sci-Fi		Full Choir	Raze		Chaos		SynVelBell	BirdsSaxes
90	Dem Bones	Bass&Miles	IndustBass	Lounge Liz	AnalogBass	Sleeper		Synvader	GtrStrChor
91	PlukNEcho	Relativity	NewOrleans	The Crime	FM Bass		Wah-Man SJ	Hypnosis	FMHapiness
92	Stir-Fry	CallEye&I	Sync Lead	Its A Hit	Jah Man		Sweep Dist	SpaceMogul	BellManics
93	Pick N Bow	Footprints	Slapback	SpringTime	Housses		SynthBrass	SlapMePluk	FinlFrntir
94	MysteryPad	Front 242	BenderDrum	Loves 		SongSlam Buzz	Motherland	Reedcital	RubbrDrums
95	GargleClav	Voyager EP	Harmonica	EP Go 		HomeChroma	Fairy Tale	ClrBsnOboe	Bold&Brave
96	Alkaline	4089450139	SYNStrings	Fat Piano	Techno Kit	SampleThat	VelKalimba	Club Split
97	ZeroGrvity	TripleLayr	MagicFlute	DX Bass		CrakInTime	BigSweeper	Skawk Bari	Funk Comp
98	HrmnikPluk	Off2Battle	Etheral Pad	MonsterKit	House Clav	Pluck Ring	Fast Choir	Baroque
99	IndustryBs	YanniStyle	Warriors	JX8P Brass	Voodoo Flt	Fear		SpacePipes	BelPadDly
100	B4 The B3	VceCrystal	The Woods	D-50 Layer	DrumColors	SampleThis	SquareWvEP	SfreqDrum

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