Voice Crystal - Korg O3R / X Series Sounds

	VC 1	   	VC 2	   	VC 3	   	VC 4	   	VC 5	   
0	Underworld	Wide Piano	Angel'sPad	WormholeFX	Movie Time
1	Piano Pad	Wide Brite	Kalim Bo	DX+Acoustc	Adventures
2	Synthony	AttackPno	Tuba Huchi	WashAshore	OrchestraY
3	Synth Reed	Octv Delay	Night Sky	Heathering	Super Pad	
4	BassHrmnik	LiquiTine	Banjo		VeloGuitar	The Funeral
5	DoorsOrgan	Piano&Str	Vibe Bell	ElegantO3R	Chicago EP
6	SmoothBass	Harpsiness	UprightBass	HopkinsKit	Smooth Pno
7	NA Chamber	Funclav		SoftString	MeloVelStr	The Loving
8	Sequencial	Celestavox	BottleDrum	PWMinSpace	The Ballad
9	Speck Drum	Gloknsynth	Tubal Gong	Black Sun	StereoDrms
10	Requiem		Tinkerbell	VoiceTimpi	HoldMeBell	Emotional
11	Tap Dance	New Vibes	VS89 EP		DX Heaven	Dance Mix
12	Sir Miles	Marimband	Cornets		RoundWound	Whale Funk
13	Satchamoe	Junkyard	Clock Shop	Blood Cell	Orch Pit
14	SweetStrat	TomitaBell	Asian Pluc	InnerSpace	Vai Solo
15	Cave Dance	Hammered D	HangingBell	Hendrix FX	Bass Combo
16	Aggressive	Mod4Leslie	WoodieBass	FunkSlapBS	Pure Funk
17	Sad Cello	Keith&Carl	Cello/Tuba	Veloc Bell	Marcato ST
18	Microwaves	Orgn&Piano	Genesis01	Choir LH	Big Sweeps
19	Dem Bones	Cathedral	Marimba		Orch Rise	Indy Jones
20	MysteryPad	Pipe&Strng	RainDrops	SynthGtrLH	Analog Lead
21	HrmnikPluk	ThunkOrgan	Clav '16	Euro Style	My Hammond
22	SoloTrumpt	BellyOrgan	Muted Bones	SynVelBell	Full Choir
23	Insect Jazz	ArpegOrgan	Fallen Star	SlapMePluk	SpringTime
24	CowboyGtar	Voicey Gtr	Sit/Guitar	Skawk Bari	DX Bass
25	HoverCraft	Strum me	CalveBells	Motionless	Warm-up
26	MysticChor	Nogales		Music Bass	VelSynBas2	Chicago[Y]
27	Sanctuary	Twin Peaks	DoubleReed	SeriousStr	ChicagoPad
28	Chick's EP	Minstrel	Low Bells	Sync EPno	Lead Sax
29	2001 Drums	ModWahLead	IslandDrum	Clav & B3	SeaBreeze
30	Muted Sect	Dist.Fifth	Choir Pad	DX+B3Hpkns	Tension
31	PsudoOrgan	Harpmonics	Air Organ	StabBrass1	Legendary
32	Curiosity	AcBass/EP	Low Bones	Vel Trombn	Power Hit
33	Baritone	Long Bass	Kung Fu		CairoNight	Classic EP
34	Cybergenik	Round One	MuteGuitar	SynClavLH	Stereo Gtr
35	Analogic	Machine Bs	DreamHarps	SlapBakSyn	90's Comp
36	Funky Bass	SlapVox		Wet Bass	Mt.Olympus	Piano Pad
37	Tokyo Rain	RepeatSyn	ChoirVoice	PercPanFlt	ChamberMus
38	Unique EP	Big Syn Bs	Nasty Syne	S/H City	FlangeCity
39	The Sahara	SynSeqBass	PercBlocks	DX+Bell		Dance Away
40	In2ThinAir	Exp.Violin	VoiceFlute	Andromeda	DM Layer
41	Carnegie	ViolaFlute	Pump Organ	ClosEncntr	MellowClav
42	Analytical	Cello&Horn	Saxy Bones	Space Monk	Fat Pads
43	The BigTop	Cellovox	Frite Nite	THX2000		Searcher
44	PlukNEcho	SynSeqStrg	Far East	Offering	2BUsedSlow
45	GargleClav	Pizzitoon	Clock Bell	Structure	WarpedBell
46	IndustryBs	ArcoString	A/E Bass	Venus EP	Roman Horn
47	FishboneBs	Orch Chase	WetBassoon	Amityville	Lounge Liz
48	OdysseyARP	Symphonic	DeepAscent	Reedcital	Loves Song
49	ConcertKit	SloSympho	SpaceKnock	Fast Choir	MonsterKit
50	MovieScore	70'sStrngs	StormCloud	JawStrings	Wonderful
51	CrystalHrp	Synstringy	LowDrawBr	White Wash	Moog Bass
52	Sir Duke	Wide Choir	Trumpet 5	Pulse Pad	StereoOboe
53	CountBasie	Harpschoir	Lift Off	Stack Lead	St Syn Str
54	Funkadelic	Motionvox	SoftGuitar	Second KIT	Folk/Songs
55	Vector EP	Doom Room	Soft Voice	Ghostown	Mallets
56	OpenSesame	Exp.Trumpt	PanninBass	PansForest	FunkySynth
57	Belle Aire	SlideTrmbn	Muted Arco	FlyBasses	KoolString
58	HailZamfir	Tuba II		Track Pad	MellowPad	OneFinger
59	SynthFlute	Toon Job	Tuned Logs	SwtoothPad	OmniMaxPad
60	Wonderland	Movie Pad	Vox Pad		PadInMoshn	Night Epic
61	HevEAnalog	Fanfare		Organ Pad	Evil Choad	Piano Pad
62	BattleHymn	SynBrass	Brass Pad	SynthPad  1	HornedToad
63	Tibetan		Stakbrass	Whale Song	Transition	TheClouds
64	Obie Twack	Sax&Flute	HeadBanger	AnaStrgPad	Voxy Mama
65	Tropical	Wide Altos	Ice Piano	Fall&Rise	EyesHaveIt
66	03VeloBass	ModCtrlSax	A/SlapBass	NewAgePizz	Haunting
67	Daliposon	Big Bari	Violyns		Notre Dame	TheSpector
68	Frying Pan	Oboe  +		Choir Pad	BluesZO3RW	SaxFullOf$
69	Stir-Fry	BndCtr1Hrn	TriCowbell	Phazer Pad	LeadGuitar
70	Alkaline	Bassooness	Lone Pipe	Groovin'EP	Scenery
71	B4 The B3	Claribell	Soft Piano	Matixicle	Dance Bass
72	TheOl'Bone	Fluteevox	Clarahucha	Hypnosis	The Crime
73	Safe Sax	Near & Far	Bee Jar		ClrBsnOboe	EP Go Home
74	PickN&Grin	Cave Flute	Shamisen	SpacePipes	JX8P Brass
75	Good Vibes	Mystic Flt	Vibe Harp	CherryPizz	Flang-olin
76	The Bass-X	SnakeMan	HollowBass	LogDrmLead	PPG Lead
77	For Shady	Silk Dragn	DreamVox	AnalgBrass	The Lullaby
78	BridalSong	Whistler	BassonBell	HollowBody	SweetBliss
79	03RRebirth	Centaur		Alien Dive	BinaryDgit	Air Blast
80	CarnivalPn	Jan H.		Elf Magic	VelSynBas2	SpookyTime
81	Strativari	Chic Lead	Piano Vibe	BellVortex	Fat K1200
82	PsudoBrass	Synthorn	Sax Duets	Insomniac!	Mutations
83	Sweet Reed	Cymbarimba	The Deep	AuntBee EP	HairyPiano
84	Velo Harp	BrainSald2	NylonGuitar	Coal Mine	Fat Bass
85	DX Type EP	ModCtr1Vox	Wood Chime	Promethius	Vox D-50
86	MoogSource	Synfifths	RumbleBass	Super Sax	D-50 Brass
87	BigOrchPad	Swamp Song	Str Swell	PercSynth1	Velo Orch
88	Passion		Nuage Pad	WaveyBell	Sweepn'Syn	Winwood OR
89	Day Dream	Space Kin	Tuned Drum	Flt/FzrBrs	D-50 Analog
90	10 Fathoms	Big ol Pad	SloResPad	ShimrnPluk	Analog PadY
91	Stevieland	Cloudvoice	Soap Organ	HarpsiClav	Analog Lead
92	Incoming!!	Moon Cave	Mellow Sax	VeloSynth3	Its Chalky
93	Frolicking	Last Whale	WaterGulls	SlowPhazer	Big String
94	Pick N Bow	Slo&Pretty	Koto San	DigitlBell	Its Bouncy
95	ZeroGrvity	Glido		Vox Bell	DX&AnSynth	Doobies
96	TundraDrum	Pulsar		Slap Fret	SynBell 2	1 Key Low
97	Maestro		NiteForest	Str Swell2	SpaceMogul	Its A Hit
98	ùKlingonsù	Dream Port	Air Vox		VelKalimba	Fat Piano
99	Choir F.X.	Sedona		Rob-O-Rama	SquareWvEP	D-50 Layer

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