Voice Crystal - Wavestation Sounds

      VC1                     VC2                     VC3                     VC4              
00    Rock Organ              Warm Tine               Acoustic Piano          Metal Sweep
01    5 Speed Organ           E. P. Tine Pad          Honky -Tonk             Hollywood 1990
02    Accorgan                Real B-3                Digi-Grand              Biosphere 1
03    Brass Organ             Pipc Organ 1            12 Ft. Digital          PPG Emulation#1
04    Organ and Sax           Velocity Organ          Dyno-My-Rhodes          PPG Emulation#2
05    Island Winds            Vclocity Pipes          Green Onions            PPG Emulation#3
06    Hidden Pad              Bell Organ              ProgressiveOrgn         Wailin' Saws
07    Aftertouch Me           Quiet Moods             St.Luke's Pipes         SquelchAT(WH&A)
08    Harmony                 Newer Age               Perc Synth              PPG4 Pulse Clav
09    Saw Lead                PPG Pad                 Fat Saw Pad             VectorMoodMaker
10    Meltdown                Custom D-50             Winwood'sChance         Bond, James Bond
11    Colored Strings         Neptune                 OBX Vpulse Solo         In YorFace Bass
12    Fini                    Saturn's Rings          Blues Harp w/OD         Analog PumpBass
13    Wine Glasses            W Station Dream         Heather's               Dance Drum
14    Boompa Loompa           Synth Split             Siren's Song            HHLoop Bass
15    Pasta Friends           Prophet V               lce Flute #9            Lonely Solo
16    Club Saxaphone          Acoustic Prophet        Windy Park              Synth&Vox
17    Vector Section          Chroma ll               Midsummer Night         Balken Gypsies
18    DX-7 Brass              AT Transpose            Wine Glass              Anti - Gravity
19    ElectroBagpipes         AT Wavesweep            Bellish Lead            Big Sur
20    Shaku                   ARP Sequencer           Mcllow Brass            Heavy Rain
21    Clarinet                Dr. Who Rythms          Fanfare Brass           Hybr id D/A
22    PercussionSynth         Tajmahal Flute          Book'em Dano!           Scanners
23    Vector Birdland         DX-Mays                 Anthem                  Transmissions
24    People                  Prs Sax                 Orchestral Harp         Digital Dreams
25    Divine Voices           Solo C Brass            Harp Trio               Enis
26    Say Ah                  Stab Brass              Harp Glissando          Lapse of Reason
27    Fairy GodMother         Big Band WS             Violin/Ccllo            ABCD EdgeGtr WH
28    A.G. Bell               Stadium SynBras         Fiddl'n Fifths          Tommorrow Land
29    Love Song               House of Strngs         Plucked Strings         Boiler Room
30    White Mountain          Midi Eval Ensbl         Slow Strings            ElectroPeterGun
31    Chorus                  Grand Festival          Full Production         ThunderDome
32    Guitar Bell             Renaissynth             Horn Production         Sweet Reeds
33    Z3 Module               A. Guitar               Hitt Production         Sine Bells
34    Chorus Guitar           12 Strng Nuance         Synth Hit               Amazon Tribe
35    Dance Bass              Fretted Hrmncs          Best of Both AD         VS Feedback
36    Squash Bass             Dist. E. Gtr            Amazing Stories         CloseEncounters
37    Pop Bass                Velocity Rock           Red October             Somo
38    Monster Bass            Fretless B.             Angel Choir             Warp
39    The Hit                 Jazz Festival           Choir Breath            Ditty Organ
40    Omnidrone               Pluckcd Vox             Land Of "AH's"          8x the Fun
41    Orca                    Wht Noise Vox           SymphonicHarmny         EMG 81    WH^^
42    Simon Machine           Choir Chords            Vslap Stik-Bass         Eye Song
43    Command Center          Korg Catherdral         Elec SynthBass          Vocal Puncb
44    Freak Show              Vibes                   Monsters                Timeless
45    Sub-Digital             Ice Celeste             Transistors             Shrink Ray
46    Engine In Void          Digi S Drums            Movin' Synth            Uno
47    Major & MinorUPC4       African M Drums         4/4 Movement            ( Air Lock ) WH^^
48    Siliconia               lndian Dancer           X-Fade Vox              ClockwerkOrange
49    Streets oFrisco         Gabrielic Waves         Tantric Tibet           Lomax Zone

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