Voice Crystal - Kawai K1 Sounds

VC1 VC2 VC3 VC4 VC5 SINGLES eA1 Cathedral Angelic The Clav Go 4 Barouq MonstaClav eA2 Fantasia Lady Sings Emerson Memory Pad Wood Piano eA3 Shakuhashi Analog String Trump City Lead 1 CosmicKoto eA4 OB-8 Bass Newage Hrp Slap Voice Robo Bass Caliorchy eA5 Dahh Moogish Orkestra Srategy Ricky Bass eA6 SoloViolin Mr."Big" Squeeze Me Bellz Buzz Time eA7 Piano Mad Guitar AnalogKeys Crasher DoomAtDawn eA8 AnalogLead PluckChoir Moonchild Synth Orch Cello SH Old C3 eB1 Real Road PluckString Coustic St.Mary eB2 ScaryMovie Synth Clav Z Flute Lead 2 SpringBuzz eB3 Twighlight Bell Choir Ethereal Lead 3 UFO #1 eB4 Dragnet FullString Pan Hit Lead 4 BlockSynth eB5 GoldenHarp Star Trek FM Pad Dirty Clav SortaPipes eB6 Quit Pipe FlangChoir Chemistry Bombs Away Orch.Bells eB7 EchoAnalog Fairy Tale TalkinBout Swirling AirFlute eB8 Christmas BellString Locomotive Ober Horn Perc Moog eC1 Big Storm Pluck Lead Hoedown Winchester Bellsqueez eC2 Tron Rubber Man FM Organ Stereo Clav Arp Growl eC3 Beam Me Up SP's Tale AfterBrass Shiner OldUpright eC4 Big String Arco String Notch Solo Toots & Bells Velosaxy eC5 Big Horns Newage Sng Slap & Pop Blower YamaRhodes eC6 Hall Choir Bell Lead Muted 5th Wunderlead Tarkus B3 eC7 Liggetti Kansas Org VeloString Press This HighSchool eC8 HallString Harm Lead CrystalVox Rap Drumz P.Bass eD1 Clavin'It Jack n Box Kickin' Chinatown Bell Tower eD2 Reedy Lead Choir Boyz PiccoloSna Chiff Piano Ominous eD3 Click B3 Cave Drops LightiHat Auto Sweep Waterfall eD4 Farfisa Steel Clav BigCymbals Hi Buzz Orch.Pad eD5 Machine Harpo Heavy Ride Corky Harp FlutterBrs eD6 Touch Bass Synth Lead Clack Cheap Piano IslandWine eD7 AdamFamily AM Pad Power Toms Oboe Chapel eD8 Chorus Gtr Full Horns Crescymbal Gt St Celeste Echo Brass EA1 - ED8 = 32 Blank (user programmable) Single-Patch locations. MULTIS EA1 Pipe&Strng Stac Heavn ELP Midi Stack Big Ending EA2 PianoStrng Stac Choir SYNTHESTRA Sing String Bass/Clav EA3 VelociPipe Moog Lead GUIT/FLUTE Phasor Brass/Sax EA4 Exorcist Cave Choir MEGA VOX Rev Lead LotsaBells EA5 Eddie Van Maxim BRASS SEQ Tooter Theatre EA6 DX Piano China SLAP/CLAV Yes B3Velocity EA7 Let It Be Willow FAT SPLIT Obwan Bass/E.Pno EA8 Bass/Clav Honky Clav BRASS SECT Lucky Man HardAttack EB1 Bass/B3 Orchestral POWERDRUMS Film Work E.Pno/Flut EB2 Bass/OB 2010 TALKINBOUT Mass Pad/Lead EB3 Lullaby SouzaBrass ORCHSTACK Lead Stacn Jazz Group EB4 Guitar&Str Batz CLAVIN'IT 6th Gear SciFimovie EB5 Slowstart Church POWER SEQ Funk Oboe OrientPond EB6 Far East Full Choir ORGAN SOLO Temple Air Over Kill EB7 Exoyic Seq Flange Str SLAP/ORGAN Pulse Clav Fly Lead EB8 The Orient Old West HVY ANALOG Sweet Tooth Slap Orch EC1 - EC8 and ED1 - ED8 = 16 Blank (user programmable) Multi-Patch locations.

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