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Terms & Conditions

Voice Crystal Logo Terms

  • Privacy Policy
      We consider you a valuable customer who's information is private. As such, we do not and will not ever, sell or transfer your information to third parties!

  • Warranty Policy
      All products are warrentied for one year from the date of purchase. But, we have a heart, so if it fails 2 minutes after a year from the purchase date, we will not be so cruel as to wave you goodbye. If you have a problem with ANY of our products for any length of time in the future, give us a call and we'll see what we can do to make it less painful. There are no guarantees we will still have a particular item in stock years down the road, but we will help any way we can!

  • Refund Policy
      We have a fairly strict No Refund (Functional Replacement Only) policy. This is because software (sound programs and/or samples contained on a hardware card, Compact Disc, Floppy Disk, email file or downloaded file) can be copied.
      Also, since our hardware memory cards are often used to backup factory sounds while replacing the internal battery on a device, it's hardly fair for us to have paid the FREE shipping and lose the "new" condition of our product due to a refund return like that. Though, we do have a rental program for that very purpose!
      So, that said, and even though we've never encountered a customer or scenrio like that - if the software or hardware fails to function properly in the manner it is designed, for example if it fails to load or loads improperly, or electronically malfunctions, we will REPLACE the product only, once the user returns it as long as the product has not been physically damaged or used improperly.
      You'll want to be sure you're ordering the proper product for your device. Please never hesitate to call or use our email Contact page to make sure. We're always glad to help! 1-800-720-9014 or 925-625-7888.

  • Other Conditions
      For our long time customers, please don't be alarmed, but our merchant services has asked that I place this information on the website, since the credit card companies now require it, as follows:

      By using this website you agree to hold our credit card processing company completely harmless for any condition or situation, which may arise by your viewing or other use of this website or products you might purchase from it now or in the future!


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