EYE & I Sound Developers Wanted

We are often on the lookout for good sound developers.

This page may change often to reflect our needs at the time, so check
back once in a while or drop us an email to let us know of your interests.

SoundFonts® Digital Delivery System
Do you have some original SoundFont Banks you would like to sell on the web.
Here's your chance!! Make from 40% to 50% royalty from each sale.

If you haven't already seen our SoundFont® Digital Delivery System check it out.
Keep in mind, these banks (including samples) must be your original creations.
We will evaluate each bank for quality and suitablility for the site.
Contact our Product Development Department at 1-925-625-7888 for further details.

Synthesizer Sound Demos

Would you like an almost Free set of Voice Crystal soundcards for your synth?
Well, at this time we are looking for some reasonably good musicians who have
a reasonable grip on sampling to finish up the Soundclip files on our soundcards pages.
In return for 10 to 20 short samples of each soundset, we will give you the cards (or other products) for free.

Here's how it works:

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