Voice Crystal - Yamaha SY77 Sounds

Happy customer quote:
By the way, I absolutely love the SY-77 patches!  These are by far the best
patches I have for my SY-77, and they will most likely be installed on the
synth permanently.  Thanks for a great product!
- Steve (Monument, CO)

VC1			VC2		

Bank A			Bank  A
Mello-Dyno		Jazz Rhds
Dirty-Dyno		TineQuire	
Mood Keys		StereoVibe	
Honky Tonk		VitalOrgan	
Dream Pno		Dirty B3	
Two Pianos		Circus Boy	
Pipes 0.1		Pan		
Pipes 0.2		Floot		
ChiffFlute		lce Flute	
DoubleReed		Nasty Sax	
Zip Strngs		Growl Sax	
Hrn-Strngs		Stereo Tpt	
SymphBrass		Brass Sect	
AnaBra/Str		Aurora	
Dark Brass		Stereo Str	
FMSymHorns		BigStAnna	

Bank B			Bank B
GTR 1		        DistGuitar	
GTR 2		        Rock nRoll	
GTR 12s		        StratosVox	
GTR VOX		        J.L.Ponty	
Stab Lead		E-bow		
Hmd Dulcmr		Angelz	
Celtic Hrp		Dornier	
lndia 1		        SynBraStab	
The Stars		Get Busy 	
Navigator		Jupiter  8v
AnaBrass-2		OBject	
Elect.Bass		OBvious 	
SynthBass2		BigFretlss	
EnharmBass		MacroBass	
Cyber Slap		BatBass	
Vector 23		BassFace 	
Bank C			Bank C
MaasNeotek		PPGpaidOff	
Chromilium		Elasticity	
Pleades		        lce Cold	
Bellspirit		Possible	
Star-Call		Crash Pad	
Monastary		Saw Bell	
Gothic		        Bell Kit	
Doo-Dah		        ItsTubular	
Galaxy		        Voice Vibe	
MoonWreck		Temple Air	
Moon Light		Steam Choir
WayStation		ProphetVox	
Square Pad		Surreal	
Lapse IV		Elsewhere	
Chroma 1		Tethering	
Lost Souls		Frankenbrth
Bank D			Bank D
TechGuitar		UpperRealm
NewHorizon		Geodesics
Tangent 2		Wind Foil
LEXUS		        ln a Tube
Rainy Day		DisneyWurl
Big Synth		Fresh Gtr
Pipg Dream		Dist Strat
`Ol Glory		Lead Me On
Headhunter		Funky
Dark Ages		Tandem Rig
Mr.Roboto		NatlAnthem
BlueVibrat		Celestial
X-Factor		Solar Sail
Way Out		        Black Hole
Theyr Here		Dungeon
AlterdStat		Predator 3

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