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Blank RAM Cards

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Voice Crystal - Blank RAM Cards

We offer BLANK RAM cards for the following units:

  • Korg (MCR-03 type) Model VCXM1 $99.95 $84.95 In Stock
    • M1 & M3R.
    • Wavestation (all versions SR/AD/EX).
    • A Series
    • DS-8
    • 707
    • Also Waldorf Microwave
  • Korg (256K SRC-256 type) Model VCX03R/W $89.00 (Limited Stock On-Hand)
    • O3R & O3R/W, I2, I3 series.
    • O1W, 01WFD, 01WFD-Pro, X2, X3, X3R, Prophecy.
      The Korg (256k) card will hold one 'C' bank only (no sequences) for these units.
      The standard full c/d bank 512k SRC-512 type card is no longer available.

  • Roland M-256D or M-256E refer to Roland M-512E below.
    • The Roland M-256E (or D) type RAM card is no longer being manufactured by the OEM for Roland or Voice Crystal, but, the M-512E type RAM cards (below) are here in stock now and will function perfectly in its place for all the following equipment;
      JD-800, JD-990, JV-80, JV-880, D-70, D-50, D-10, D-110, D-20, D-5, D-550, R-8, and any other unit calling for the M-128D, M-256D or M-256E RAM format.
      It also works in all PEAVEY synthesizers, Tube-EFX etc., and RODGERS 905 Organs

  • Roland M-512E Box Roland M-512E (Our model number VCX512)
    64KB BLANK RAM Card $128.95 List $114.95

    • For units requiring the Roland M-128D, M-256E, M-256D, M-512E or M-512G RAM card:
      A-Series, JV-Series (Super JV1080), R-Series, GR-Series, VG-8 & Roland V-Drums TD-10.
      Also works in any equipment requiring the (M-256E) card listed above.
      TWO or MORE Roland M-512E RAM Cards for Roland products $110 ea.

  • Peavey All equipment, synthesizers, Tube EFX, etc..
    • Choose the Roland M-512E Card [Our model VCX512] above.

  • Rodgers 905 Organ
    • Choose the Roland M-512E Card [Our model VCX512] above.

  • Alesis (256K PCMCIA) $128.95 $119.95
    • 4 Bank RAM card for the Alesis Quadrasynth, QS6, QS7 & QS8.

  • Ensoniq
    • For the KT Series, MR Series & EPrime (256K PCMCIA) $128.95 $119.95
    • For the Ensoniq SQ-1, SQ-2 , KS-32 choose from our 160 Voice RAM Cards
      which come with W/80 Voices/80 blank $109.95.
    • Sorry, at this time we have no more RAM cartridges for the ESQ-1, ESQ-M, VFX or SD-1.

  • Kawai $128.95 $84.95 to $94.95
    • For Kawai K1 DC-8 type $84.95
    • For Kawai K1, K4 and XD-5 DC-16 type $94.95
    • For Kawai GB-2 Session Trainer, K1, K4 and XD-5 DC-32 type $104.95

  • E-mu (256K PCMCIA) $128.95 $119.95
    • For the E-mu Ultra Proteus & Morpheus.

  • Lexicon (256K PCMCIA) $128.95 $119.95
    • For PCM-80/81 series Effects Systems


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