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Cratediggers - Old Soul Collectives
CD - Cratediggers
Cratediggers Features:
  • No loops
  • No breaks
  • Just over 550 kicks, snares and hi-hats of the Old Soul 70's
  • Created for Hip Hop freaks
  • Great for R & B, Rap, Funk & Dance
  • Guaranteed:
    All original and license free!

Cratediggers was created by Hip Hop freaks for Hip Hop freaks. Produced by Boscoe and Groovey Lou from New York City and used by Jerry T-Bass of the Fugees and Devante Jodeci. There will be no super hype here, no loops, no breaks, no movie soundtrack backgrounds... just the bottom line full selection of kicks, snares and hi-hats. All you need to get that percussion track pumpin'!

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Description Size Title/Style Track

Real Audio - 32khz, Stereo 58k Demo Excerpt 99


Full Stereo - Decoded Size: 1,000k
(for MPEG players see our Sound Tools page)


22khz, Stereo 500k

Track Index - with Real Audio Demos
Note: The SoundClips below are single-cut excerpts from the tracks listed.
Track Name Description
Boscoe's Rough-n-Rugged
Groovy Lou's Essentials
Groovy Lou's Essentials
Groovy Lou's Essentials
Test Tone
"Hate Is My Enemy"
304 kicks/snares/hi-hats
100 kicks
100 snares
63 hi-hats


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