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Eye and I Productions - Sound Design Services
    Since 1987 we have been providing nearly every synthesizer manufacturer with our sound design expertice and are also
    a major developer of General Midi Soundsets for Wavetable Synthesizers including the latest Mobile DLS format used in Cellular technology as well as apps for the latest iOS or Android operating systems!

    We are a member of the MMA (Midi Manufacturers Association)

    and our version 3.0 GM set was awarded the
    Fat Labs Seal of Approval.

    We have programmed internal synthesizer sounds for the following companies;
    • Akai
    • Alesis
    • Ensoniq
    • Korg
    • Kurzwiel
    • Van Koevering

    Our General Midi soundsets can be found on the:

    • Breakaway/Teac Vocalizer (A standalone voice controlled synthesizer/controller).
    ...and on these PC soundcards:
    • Our GM/GS Soundset (version 4.1) is available here & download, in SoundFont format for the Creative SbLive! and compatible soundcards & Software Synthesizers.

    • In the last several years we've been developing General MIDI Soundsets for the Cellular Phone industry, in formats including SoundFont, DLS1, DLS2 and the latest M-DLS (Mobile DLS) format. We can provide your company with the exact size you need, ranging from as small as 32KB on up thru 32MB and larger sets, as well as providing technical advice including system implimentation, testing & verification.

    • In 2012 we completed a new version of our General MIDI sound set for an Apple iOS app. Check out Synthesia for iPad!

      Also, for you iOS coders, we also have a synth wrapper available to help you along the way to writing your own app using our GM sound set.

      We recently ported a new enhanced version of our General MIDI set for the newer Android and Windows versions of the Synthesia app, as well! So, if you or your company has any requirements for iOS, Android or Windows versions of General MIDI sound sets in either SoundFont or DLS formats... or even custom instruments or soundsets, please let us know! We'd love to help you be successful!

    If your company has a need for custom sound design, synthesizer functionality specifications, preliminary & final synthesizer implimentation testing, General MIDI soundsets, or just product evaluation & design ideas...
    give us a call at 1-800-720-9014.


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